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In more than 15 years, SENIS® products and solutions won trust of major physics laboratories and research institutes around the world as well as worldwide leading companies in the automotive, energy, consumer electronics and test & measurement industries. Working in close cooperation with our customers we try to understand their businesses in order to continuously adapt and improve our products and services according to customers’ needs.

Our traditional products, SENIS® Analog Magnetic Field Transducers, Digital Teslameters / Gaussmeters and current sensors are used in industry and laboratories all over the world wherever magnetic field measurement has to be performed reliably, be it for quality control or in application in particle accelerators, educational and research institutions or in the manufacturing industry.

SENIS® Magnetic Field Mapping System enables users to quickly map the magnetic field around an electromagnet, a permanent magnet or around large coils. The map of the magnetic field may be given in various forms, including the color coded 2D or 3D isometric visual display.

All our instruments are equipped with precisely assembled probe-heads for single-axis, two-axis or three-axis measurements ranging from low-cost 1%-accuracy to 0.01% accuracy in fields to over 2T.



– 1-/2-3-axis Hall & AMR probes
– DC&AC Analog Transducers
– Teslameters/Gaussmeters
– Nanoteslameter
– Nanovolt-Amplifier
– Helmholtz Coils
– Reference Magnets


3Mh6 O Background



– All-in-One Magnetic Mappers
– Large Size Mappers
– Portable Mappers
– Rotor Mappers
– DC&AC Magnetic Mappers


Mapper Large



– Linear Position
– Rotational Position & Speed
– Electric Current
– 3-Axis Hall
– Sensor Arrays


Sensor Bild



– PCB-mount Sensors
– Bus Bar Sensors
– Clamp-on, Fix-core
– Open-loop, Closed-loop
– MicroAmmeter
– Isolation Fault Detector


Current Transducer Ob



We support SENIS developing and manufacturing advanced sensors and instruments for magnetic field measurements and electric current.
Product quality, customer and environmental care are integral components of corporate policy.



Industrial customers and R&D Laboratories worldwide apply SENIS® products for development and production of their sensor and actuator systems in automotive, consumer electronics, energy transportation and test & measurement industries.



Latest News

SENIS® sensors and instruments are being continuously improved and our portfolio is steadily being extended with the new unique products and solutions. SENIS® devices and innovations are presented at Conferences and Expos in EU, USA and Asia. As an Industry partner we also participate in EU R&D Projects.




SENIS lab offers DC and AC certified calibration services for magnetic field measurement equipment, such as Hall probes. Our patented calibration set-ups and algorithms insure high accuracy of the sensitivity, offset, temperature drifts and orthogonality error calibrations.