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DC Calibration

SENIS’ calibration lab is ISO17025:2017 accredited for the DC calibration of magnetic field up to 1.5T, with the accuracy of 0.1%.

Field Ranges / Equipment / Accuracy:
– Helmholtz Coil: 1µT to 45mT; Accuracy: up to 0.01%
– Iron-core electromagnet and NMR Teslameter: 43mT to 2.1T; Accuracy: 30ppm
– Superconducting magnet: 2T to 9T; Accuracy: up to 0.1%

Calibration Temperature:
– Standard range: 20°C ± 3°C or ±10°C
– Optionally, higher range: from -40°C to 160°C.

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AC Calibration

The standard AC calibration table includes 10 test frequencies within the frequency range of the calibrated instrument. Different AC calibration tables and analyses are available upon request.

Calibration Conditions and Equipment:
Max amplitude of the periodic magnetic field used for calibration: 10mT
Frequency range: DC to 1MHz
Calibration temperature: 20°C ±3°C
Optionally, AC calibration can be performed in the temperature range from -40°C to 160°C

Calibration equipment: SENIS proprietary set-up

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Orthogonality Calibration

The result of the probe orthogonality calibration is a set of three numbers for each sensing axis of the Hall probe, which provides the information about the exact orientation of the Hall elements in the probe with respect to the co-ordinate system of the probe package.

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Test Services

SENIS offers various Test Services for permanent magnets and magnetic and electromagnetic systems, such as 3D magnetic field measurements, angle error measurement (homogeneity), magnetic field distribution (mapping) around magnets, crack detection, etc.